3D Anna is Uv mapped and Textured

3D Anna is partially UV mapped and textured. uvmapFace_02 uvmapFaceShirt_01 uvmapFringe_01 uvmapPleat_01 uvmapPleat_02 uvmapScarf_01 uvmapScarf_02 uvmapScarf_03

Texturing the scarf- after laying out the uvs to make sure there was no stretching i whacked on a stock image of a russian folk pattern.


Face texture- fairly simple and cartoon- esque. The big cheek circles are a throw-back to russian matroshka dolls if anyone was wondering. The circles will be handy to track into a 2D shot involving a complicated camera movement.

outUVHair4blog outUVFringe4blog

Hair textures- i used a brush in photoshop that gave me a “hair- like” look and combined highlights and lowlights from the colour i chose for Anna’s hair to give a slightly more 3-dimensional look. The hardest part was figuring out which direction the hair was lying on the map of her fringe.


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